Electric pumps of ‘CRIS Hermetic Pumps’ Company are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of international standards and rules API 685; they provide high performance pumping in steady-state operating conditions of chemically active, corrosive, toxic, flammable liquids, as well as liquids containing harmful substances of all classes of danger (including liquefied gases and neutral liquids), pairs of which may form explosive mixtures with air.

Pumps manufactured by ‘CRIS Hermetic Pumps’ Company are mono-block compact centrifugal electric pumps without mechanical shaft seals with respect to the atmosphere. They are driven by a built-in sealed canned electric motor. The electric motor and the pump section form a single unit (mono-block), and the rotor and the impeller are located on the common shaft. The structure includes two sliding bearings lubricated by pumped liquid. The stator and the rotor of the electric drive motor are protected from pumped liquid by thin-walled shields made of stainless steel and other nonmagnetic materials. The losses of heat of the motor are diverted by a partial flow of working fluid through a gap between the rotor and the stator. In CRIS hermetic pumps, hydraulic compensation of the action of axial forces is carried out.

Depending on the operating conditions and requirements of customers, ‘CRIS Hermetic Pumps’ Company manufactures single-stage pumps, multi-stage one- and double-sided, special, horizontal or vertical pumps. They can be equipped with devices controlling the level and temperature of pumped fluid, as well as axial thrust and direction of rotation of the electric motor shaft.


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